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Dana's childhood slides into a living nightmare at her mother's malicious actions and her father's absence. Will she overcome childhood sexual abuse, poverty, drugs, death of a beloved friend, and a murder charge to finally find love and happiness?

Born with white skin and blue eyes to the embarrassment of her darker skin parents, Victoria faces rejection, hardships, and challenges at every turn. Can she triumph over an old evil with her faith and find her destiny? Or will she cross the dark line to be accepted? Click to buy today!

Here comes the phenomenal words of Award winning Poet, King Shakur. From the life and times of his extraordinary perspective, King Shakur invokes memories of family and community that will cause readers to stand up and snap!

For three women, the innocence of childhood is lost at an early age and they struggle to deal with the effects of abuse. The three are driven apart and transition into womanhood with a secret that could affect their lives and their family. Through unlikely circumstances, the three are reunited. The meeting would ultimately set the stage for atonement.

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Victoria returns home to Carson to repair the damage to her family from Harlan's selfishness. She finds regret, love, bitterness, and a shred of the dark line waiting to consume her. Will she surrender or will her wisdom and legacy destroy the darkness once and for all?

In Joy, Book 3 of the exciting Victoria's Journey, readers find that Victoria has lived through rejection, heartache, and the shadow of an old family curse. Has she found her joy at last, or will she fall into the depths of a dark evil? This story will have readers on the edge of their seats!

Exchanging one evil for another, Victoria's life becomes filled with pain and despair. Given a choice to find happiness and break the voodoo curse, will she take it or be consumed by more heartache! Don't miss the exciting drama of this bestselling book!